8th Random Thing About Debt Hater: LOVED COMICON!

by Debt Hater on August 1, 2011

Went to ComicCon. Spent money. Loved it!

I will bow down to the true geeks and say right now, “I am not worthy.” I love my comic book movies, my anime heroes and heroines and my supernatural, fantasy stories, but I am not in a league with most of the fans I saw at ComicCon. My hat, Goku hair, cape, cowl, whatever, is off to you.

My best friend and maid of honor goes every year and had been telling me that I had to go. Usually, any travel money I saved was reserved for another trip or, because ComicCon falls on or very near my guy’s birthday every year, I hadn’t had the opportunity. But since we get married this fall, I figured he could live a birthday without me… he had for nearly 30 years before he met me!

I am glad I went! My travel fund only, really, had enough for me to buy a plane ticket, and I did. My friend, who goes for “work,” hooked me up at the Hilton Bayfront. Which is separated from the convention center by a street!

I Was 13 Again
I had no idea what to expect. I just showed up. Thursday, I saw Penn & Teller in the lobby of my hotel. I saw a father and son Klingon — and I mean decked out. These were not half-stepped costumes.

My first day in the convention center, I could hardly stretch my long legs enough to take a customary stride. I had to inch, creep and sidestep She-Ra, various SpiderMen, G-Force, a few zombies and a sleepy little girl in an R2-D2 that seemed to mysteriously move about on its own (for real, I looked for the remote control in the hand of, who I presume to be, her father. I saw nothing). I played the next SSX Tricky snowboarding game, or the prototype anyway (yeah, I had SSX 2 for the PS2 back in the day and it was one of my favorite games ever). I watched, mouth agape, as two guys battled it out on Super Street Fighter. Sho-RYU-KEN! And one opponent was aflame, in midair, set ablaze by Ken’s uppercut. I felt 13 again, when I  was sitting inside at the SNES with my brother and cousins while girls my age were… um, you know, I dunno what girls my age were doing. But it didn’t seem to involve any Ha-do-KEN!

Like a total dork (as opposed to a real geek), I had to announce out loud the names of various characters I saw people dressed as. “Ooh ooh! It’s Phoniex!” “Oh! Naruto!” I ran through the roster of my favorite comic characters to consider who I would come dressed as when I returned another year. She-Hulk (not a fan, but I could pull it off because I’m tall and would just need to buff up a little!), Storm (if there are any other Black women superheroes, can someone let me know!), Hat and Clogs (he’s a dude, but, whatever man, it’s cosplay), I settled on Sui Fung. I am serious. Somehow, some way, some day, I’m dressing like that — awesome wig/haircut and all.

All I Wanted, Was Chewie
I told my best friend that I would feel fulfilled if I got a picture with Chewbacca. I was half-kidding, but then, about three hours later, I saw him! It! Some guy in a costume! He made the Chewbacca sound and everything! I practically threw small children out of the way, and shoved small women aside to make sure I got my photo! And I did (if you’re my friend on FB, check it out. If you’re not my friend, but I know you and you want to be my FB friend, let me know! I’ll make sure you see a pic).

I got a sweet, purple heather Star Wars T-shirt. Cute, sexy, and total nerd all wrapped in one. It’s my favorite item of clothing already.

I bought my guy a Thundercats T-shirt. I bought my god daughter an Ugly Doll Babo, because he loves cookies and so do I and so does she.

Food was expensive (smart folks who packed lunches and such!). My little souvenirs were reasonable, but not cheap — and not really in the budget.

I missed @RevancheGS and @cthuluchick, which was the bummer of my trip. I played Twitter tag with Revanche. She spotted me! But wasn’t sure it was me, so she didn’t run up and yell my name all loud and wrong, the way I would have if I thought I saw her. Because I have no good sense. :-)

They posted their awesome recaps (@cthuluchick with photos) here:
Ruth’s Really Long San Diego Comic-Con Recap

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