What I Want To Get Done in 2010

by Debt Hater on May 7, 2010

Last month, I pondered what major decisions I wanted to make and charge forward on in 2010. They would be radical, but well thought out decisions. I would move forward and succeed or fail — but I would overcome inertia, put my money where my mouth is, roll up my sleeves… and many other cliches you can think of.

There’s really only one huge thing I’d love to do in 2010 — start my own business.
Specifically, I want to launch an online magazine.

A few years ago, I was brainstorming with a group of smart ladies I worked with on launching a magazine. We met weekly, tossing around ideas and did research in our spare time. I moved to Washington, D.C. and the conversations ceased.

I still have all those notes. I haven’t touched them in more than two years.

Still, every other week, I get a burst of inspiration and start thinking of what my online magazine would look like, be about, be targeted to, where the advertising would come from, what I am trying to accomplish. I think about people I know who might be interested in working with me.

Then I go back to complaining about my day job.

I have an idea for a ezine and I want to build it into a sustainanable enterprise. And this is the year to DO not TALK.

So, my goal is to launch an online magazine. For what I want to do (sorry, keeping most of the idea close to the vest until it’s far less half-baked), I’m not sure if I want to launch a for-profit enterprise or a non-profit. But I already have my mission statement. I already know what I want to do.

Now, I have to DO it.

Right now, the tasks I think I will need to complete are:

  • Write a business plan
  • Determine if my mission is best served by a for-profit or non-profit model
  • Establish an online presence (already bought domain names and am working on the actual site — starting with a simple WordPress blog)
  • Develop initial content
  • Apply for and secure angel investing (or grants)
  • Plan mobile applications
  • Soft launch by September 2010
  • Hard launch by Spring 2011

I have no idea what I am doing (that’s not true, I have SOME idea, it just ain’t much!). But I’m tired of thinking about it and want to get to work. As I said, I might have tremendous success. It might be a collossal failure. More likely, it will be modest success or a quiet failure. Of course I care what the outcome is, but right now I am just focused on making it happen. I will take everything else as it comes.


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Sherley May 27, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Let me help you in this regard, starting an online magazine needs loads of content that is wisely collected and edited and should match the theme of your magazine. As a first step you should start with writing a blog and checkout what people like or dislikes? share your ideas and open a comment option on it. “Getting to work” idea seems easy but it’s not simple to start. Capture a few readers first through your blog and work on your magazine consistently, make amendments to your ideas by sharing it with your readers. You will definitely end up having a successful blog and a magazine.


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