Is It Too Late For “New” Year’s Resolutions?

by Debt Hater on April 5, 2010

I didn’t really make resolutions for 2010. But as the first quarter of the year is already coming to a close, I’ve been thinking about what I plan to do with the rest of the year. After all, I have said that 2010 is the year of radical decisions. So what decisions am I poised to make? Last year, some of my broad goals were:

* Contribute to my emergency fund, saving 6 months of living expenses.

* Contribute to my 401k.

* Get on the path to homeownership.

* Develop new skills and learn new techniques to help me on my career track.

* Earn more money through various ventures including more freelance writing.

* Go on a big vacation.

* Make new friends and make time for old ones.

* Take better care of my physical self.

* Take better care of my emotional and spiritual self.

* Write for myself.

I wrote a blog post on how I did on my 2009 personal and financial goals. I did pretty well!

But I did not make specific plans for 2010. So here, at the end of the first quarter (how is it April ALREADY?!), I am thinking about what I want to do before the end of the year. I hate wasting time, even though I seem to be so very good at it.

I have been thinking a lot about this and I am not sure I will make a list like this one for 2010. I think this year, there are maybe 3 or 4 BIG things I want to accomplish. I wrote before that I think 2010 is the year for radical decisions: 5 years from now, either I’ll look back on these decisions and say “That was the best thing I’ve ever done!” or I’ll say “That was the STUPIDEST decision I ever made!”

Now, I won’t purposely try to make stupid decisions and I don’t plan to make any rash decisions. But this year I want to make decisions that are really going to move me to another place. I don’t want to settle into complacency, coasting in a place where I’m fine, but not great. I also want to get over the fear of many many things; fear that has stopped me in the past from doing things I really wanted to do.

So, I don’t know exactly what those big goals are going to be for this year. I want to have them figured before the end of April and have plans in place before the end of May.

If a year is like a basketball game, then how you go into halftime — six months in — will likely determine how you finish the rest of the game. You’ve got to go into halftime with momentum, even if you’re not ahead. You take that momentum and push through the third quarter, figuring out how to stop your opponents, going over any obstacles and racking up as many points as you can. The fourth quarter, you don’t stop moving until the game is won (Ok, I played basketball in high school and college and we’re nearing the end of March Madness, so you see why this is on my brain).

So, ok, first quarter is done. I’m on the bench resting. Didn’t do anything spectacular in the first quarter, but I’m not behind. So what am I going to do in the second quarter to have momentum on my side by halftime? I don’t know yet. Stay tuned.


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ParisGirl111 April 6, 2010 at 12:43 pm

I am with you on this. You realize that time slips away so quickly. All we really have is each day. So, make your goal and then map out the steps that you need to take daily.


Belmont Thornton April 7, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Good thought! It can make one reflect a lot on what he plans to do this year. Each day can add value to your long term financial goal. All it needs is a balanced life style and sensible spending habits.


Stephan April 26, 2010 at 4:17 pm

really is scary how quickly time flies by without a plan. I have been putting off my retirement saving since Decemeber, always coming up with an excuse or reason why i cant do it today. Hopefully both of us can have a succesful rest of the year!


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