Are you a Thrift-a-holic? Is so, you could win $250

by Debt Hater on February 17, 2009

Are you thriftier than me? (I can tell you right now that the answer to that is probably yes, because I ain’t so thrifty… shame on me).

DebtGoal is hosting a contest, but you gotta friend DebtGoal on Facebook. The rest of the rules are below:

*  Finish ONE of the sentences below in 75 words or less (on the DebtGoal Wall below):
o The best thrifty habit I have is…
o The smartest thrifty decision I made is…
* The deadline for submissions is March 13th. DebtGoal founders will review all wall post submissions and select the top 3 responses based on two criteria:
o Creativity of your thrifty habit/decision
o Impact (i.e. the amount of money saved)
* The top 3 posts will be highlighted on the DebtGoal Facebook page and blog on March 18. All fans will can then vote on which they think is the best!
* Voting will close on March 31, and the post with the most votes from DebtGoal fans will win $250, to put towards paying down debt.
* The winner will be announced on April 1 to kick-off National financial literacy month!

For contest rules, visit

Full disclosure: I am one of a handful of bloggers that Goalspring invited to be on their informal, volunteer advisory board of bloggers. Mostly, they asked for our opinions of their program and its features. We are not paid.

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