Move 2007 — We made it

by Debt Hater on September 21, 2007

Oh… my… lord!

What a looooonng drive.

The movers arrived at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning right on the nose. They emptied my apartment and loaded the truck in two hours. My guy and I eventually got on the road later that afternoon.

A 10 to 11 hour drive took us 16 hours because we were driving the truck with my car hitched up to a two dolly on the back.

I was terrified of driving the giant thing. I don’t even like driving SUVs. I don’t feel like I have control over the vehicle. But, I had to get my grown woman on and just haul tail in the truck.

I drove that sucka for two thirds of the trip! I was hauling it at 65 and 70 mph smooth as butta! I was all proud of myself.

We did hit one snag that cost us about an hour in Knoxville on Thursday morning. You can’t back up with a car on a tow dolly. So, I went down some country road hoping to get back to the Interstate after we stopped to get some gas. But, this city girl forgot that the country doesn’t do block. You can just turn a few corners and be back on the road you wanted.

We drove into a dead end on a quiet residential street. I drove the truck into somebody’s driveway, up a hill and then we sat there trying to figure out what to do.

We had to take the car off the dolly. Then, we had to unhook the tow dolly because it wouldn’t go straight back when the truck was in reverse.
Because we were on a hill! That tow dolly was heavy as all get out. We’re struggling to keep it from rolling into a grassy ditch. Almost broke a finger and pulled out my arms. My guy was muscling up too and we were none too happy.
Long story short, somehow we got the dolly onto the street, then I back the truck down and we re-assembled the whole works.

I just chalk it up to experience.

We got to Washington at night and spent a horrible hour dragging my stuff into his apartment.

All in all, we’re alive, nothing was damaged and we were home!


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